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On the hunt for 1 million smiles

MIKE Worsman has set himself the task of capturing a million smiles to help people rediscover the value of happiness.

In a modern world that allows us to be more connected than ever before, more and more people are struggling with feelings of loneliness and depression, according to the South Australian journalist and filmmaker.

Worsman created the A Million Smiles project to encourage people to prioritise happiness and smile more. With a mission to encourage adults to smile as much as children, A Million Smiles collects images of people around the world smiling, and asks people to share the story behind their happiness.

Worsman received the 2015 Channel 9 Young Achiever award for his work on the project.

The A Million Smiles website has been viewed by more than 4 million people worldwide.

The project will culminate with a feature film and book that will share examples of happiness from around the world. The project will collect more than five million data points from around the world creating the most comprehensive global statistics on human happiness.

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